Tips for Choosing a Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Company

how to choose a fire and smoke damage restoration company in Maryland

A building fire impacts your business long after the flames are extinguished. Because the restoration process can be overwhelming, you should never attempt to navigate it alone. Instead, team up with a fire restoration company to help your recovery go as smoothly as possible. In this guide, you’ll learn how fire damage restoration works, the…

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How to Remove Smoke Damage from a Commercial Building

how to remove smoke damage from a commercial building in Baltimore MD

Most people assume fire damage is limited to whatever the flames touch. But smoke damage can be even more destructive and widespread within a commercial building. Learn more about the characteristics of smoke damage from a fire, how to remove smoke residue and odor, and other things to know about commercial smoke damage. How Smoke…

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How to Prevent Fire Damage in Commercial Buildings

how to prevent fire damage in commercial buildings in Annapolis MD

Each year, nearly 500,000 structure fires are reported to local fire departments across the US. Well over 100,000 of these fires break out in commercial buildings, such as schools, hospitals, retail stores, industrial sites, storage facilities, and others. No business owner or property manager should dwell on what would happen if their building caught fire,…

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Winter Fire Safety: A Guide to Protecting Your Property

A candle flame in front of a metal tree decoration.

Last week, we talked about how property managers can prevent winter disasters (whether it be for a residential community or a commercial property). Part of that prevention included educating tenants about fire hazards. Whether you’re a commercial property manager, a community manager, business owner, or private homeowner, winter fire safety is a subject you should…

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