Mall Restoration Services in Maryland and D.C.

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Discover BYLT’s Reconstruction Services

When disaster strikes, it’s vital to act quickly to lessen the damage and increase the likelihood of most restorable inventory. BYLT has the commercial restoration services needed to restore, repair, and clean up your shopping mall or retail space in Washington, D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore, and Rockville, MD. Whether you’ve suffered a fire or have mold or water damage, we have the experience necessary to get your business up and to run again. We aim to lessen any harm by taking several steps designed to ensure a safe and efficient restoration of your mall to its original condition. Call us to learn more about our commercial restoration services or schedule your consultation today.

Reliable Water and Mold Damage Services

Whether caused by a natural disaster, storm, or smoke from a fire, water damage can cause severe damage to your inventory and the structural integrity of your mall or retail space. Our customer-focused team has the expertise and resources to tackle even the largest facility. We’ll inspect the property to assess the water damage and identify if any areas are salvageable or mold infestations have started to grow. The water damage and mold damage services we offer are guaranteed to remove any harmful infestations while ensuring your property is restored to like new.

Leading Fire and Smoke Damage Company

When fires occur in shopping malls, damage can affect more than one store. Besides the fire damage, smoke and soot can create a toxic and hazardous situation. It’s essential to call our team of highly trained professionals as soon as possible. We have the experience, tools, and knowledge needed clean, salvage, and repair any fire damage. With our smoke damage services, we can remove the smell and toxic chemicals associated with soot and smoke. Regardless of if the fire was contained in one section of the mall, the smoke damage could cover a larger area. Here are the four common types of smoke damage:


  • Dry Smoke – Dry smoke results from fast-burning, hot fires. It can easily find its way into cracks and hard-to-reach places and is one of the easier types of smoke to clean.
  • Wet Smoke – Low-heat fires cause wet smoke. This type covers surfaces in your business and is difficult to remove.
  • Protein Residue – This is another result of low-heat fires. Protein residue usually comes from kitchen fires or organic material burning.
  • Oil Residue – One of the most dangerous smoke types fueled by petroleum products is very difficult to clean. This is one of the least common smoke types we encounter.

What Biohazard Cleanup Services Do We Offer?

BYLT has a team of skilled, certified, and dedicated technicians professionally trained to handle all biohazard cleaning needs for any situation. Malls encourage large gatherings of people, which increases the risk of a biohazardous spill. When your retail property experiences this, you’ll need a reliable team of experts to clean and sanitize your mall. Our biohazard cleanup services can help ensure all affected areas are clean and the site is safe for customers. Each of our technicians is certified to handle and clean biohazardous spills, and our extensive cleaning process is to ensure that we provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Maryland’s Trusted Disaster Restoration Company

We have consulted and have all the resources needed to tackle even the largest facility, like a mall. Our team understands that ownership and leases can be challenging and that getting the spaces back to business is of utmost importance. The team at BYLT has the skills and expertise needed to restore your retail property efficiently and safely. We’ll work hard to ensure everything is restored to pre-loss condition, sanitized, and ready for the next rush. If you have any questions regarding our commercial restoration services or want to schedule a consultation, give us a call.

Learn More About Fire Damage Restoration

Whether you need major fire damage restoration or repairs in just a few rooms, BYLT has you covered. Our compassionate technicians understand time is of the essence, so we'll make plans to be at your property as soon as possible. Once an inspection is complete, we'll get started reverting your commercial facility back to its pre-fire state. We know you want to get back to normal quickly, and our team will use its years of restoration experience to streamline the process. Contact BYLT to learn more about fire damage restoration and how to request an inspection.