Tips for Choosing a Storm Damage Restoration Company

If your business has been damaged by flood water, hail, high wind, lightning, fallen trees, or other storm-related causes, you must begin the restoration process as soon as possible. But attempting storm damage repair by yourself is not recommended. Instead, you should hire a storm damage restoration company to provide the expert services you need. In this guide, you’ll learn more about recovering after a storm, the top reasons to work with a professional, and tips for finding a qualified company for the job.

What is Storm Damage Restoration?

Bad weather can strike any time of year, from destructive hail and thunderstorms in the summer to fierce blizzards and ice storms in the winter. Some of the most common types of storm damage include missing roof shingles, dented siding, and flooded basements. No matter what damage your business has sustained, you should follow these five steps to get back on your feet after the storm passes.

1.      Take Safety Precautions

Severe storms can leave widespread destruction in their wake. That’s why safety should be your top priority. Be aware that storm-damaged buildings are often structurally unstable and may collapse without warning. Live electrical wires and gas leaks are also real possibilities. There could even be broken glass, shrapnel, or dangerous wildlife in the building. To avoid injury, avoid going inside until emergency crews say it’s safe to do so.

2.      Secure the Property

Once the building has been cleared for reentry, take steps to mitigate further damage. This might include tarping the roof and boarding up windows and doors to keep rainwater out. These precautions also prevent unwanted guests, including looters and wild animals. You may also wish to remove valuable possessions to prevent them from sustaining damage or prepare them for restoration. You can complete these tasks yourself or ask a storm damage cleanup company to do them for you.

3.      Document the Damage for Insurance Purposes

It’s crucial to be as thorough as possible when documenting how the storm damaged your building and its contents. This means taking photos, both inside and out, and gathering receipts to determine replacement values. Take your time assessing the building, as some damage can go unnoticed at first. You may want to work with a storm damage contractor for help with this process.

4.      Contact Your Insurance Company

A quick glance at your insurance policy should tell you whether you can claim the damage. For instance, flooding from external sources, such as a rainstorm or rising groundwater, is probably not covered unless you specifically have flood insurance. If you’re not sure what your coverage includes, it doesn’t hurt to contact your insurance adjuster and ask.

5.      Schedule Storm Damage Cleanup Services

If you haven’t called a restoration company yet, now’s the time. Storm damage often affects many buildings in the same area, so the sooner you call, the better. After all, you want your property as high on the company’s to-do list as possible so you can resume your normal business activities faster.


how to choose a storm damage restoration company in Maryland


Why You Should Hire a Professional for Storm Damage Repair

While you may be able to repair minor storm damage yourself, a professional should handle anything that affects the building’s structural integrity, air quality, or overall safety. Here are five reasons to call an experienced storm damage contractor if your business has been damaged by inclement weather.

1.      Fast Response

Disaster restoration companies know customers need their services during emergencies. That’s why the most reputable providers offer 24-hour on-call services, allowing you to get in touch any time of day or night. This ensures your building isn’t left exposed to intruders and the weather if you need emergency boarding and tarping services. Plus, the quicker the mitigation and restoration process starts, the sooner things will be back to normal.

2.      Thorough Inspections & Repairs

Some destruction is immediately apparent after a storm, such as a fallen tree on the roof or siding ripped from the building. Other types of damage are less obvious, such as water seeping under the floor, smoke damage hidden above the ceiling, and mold lurking behind the walls. That’s why professionals conduct thorough inspections before restoration begins.

Once they determine the extent of the problem, your technicians can offer a detailed repair estimate and timeline. Knowing the crew combed through your building for hidden damage gives you peace of mind that they can fully restore your property to its pre-incident condition.

3.      Advanced Equipment & Techniques

There’s only so much you can do to clean up storm damage by yourself. That’s why you need access to professional equipment for anything beyond the most minor damage. A skilled restoration team also uses proven techniques to avoid the mistakes amateurs make, increasing the likelihood of a successful restoration.

4.      Safety

Working in a storm-damaged building can be hazardous. Leave the task to professionals with experience working in such conditions to avoid putting yourself at risk. When you find a qualified company for the job, you can feel confident that the technicians will adhere to OSHA rules and regulations, making the restoration as safe as possible for everyone involved.

5.      Expedited Insurance Claims

You have a lot to juggle as you navigate the storm damage restoration process. The last thing you need is to hassle with a stingy insurance company that takes forever to process your claim or refuses to compensate you the amount you deserve.

With a disaster contractor by your side, you have someone to negotiate the payout on your behalf. They can vouch for you, confirming the damage your building has sustained and helping to speed up the claims process. Having this weight off your shoulders is a tremendous benefit of hiring a professional for storm damage repair.

How to Choose a Storm Damage Restoration Company

In the aftermath of a storm, nothing is more helpful than having a competent contractor by your side. The trick is to find the right company to repair your damaged commercial building. Here are six qualities to look for in a reputable disaster restoration service provider.

1.      Availability

Time is of the essence during disaster recovery, regardless of what damage your property has sustained. That’s why it’s vital to find a restoration company to assist you immediately. Make sure the provider isn’t overbooked before exploring their qualifications any further.

2.      Experience

It’s generally not advisable to work with a startup contractor with unproven capabilities. Instead, look for an experienced provider that has demonstrated the ability to repair storm damage time and again. In addition, consider the types of projects the company has completed. Ask to see examples of previous restorations while looking for scenarios similar to yours.

3.      Comprehensive Services

Storms can cause several types of damage throughout a building. You might see flooding in the basement from heavy rainfall, mold growth where standing water has lingered, and fire damage resulting from a lightning strike. Only a comprehensive service provider can help you recover from any damage your building has sustained.

4.      Good Reputation

You can learn a lot about a storm damage restoration company simply by conducting a quick online search. Read reviews, see before-and-after photos, and check for BBB accreditation to get a feel for the company’s reputation. You can even request references for a chance to ask specific questions of past customers. These steps are an invaluable part of choosing a contractor to perform restoration work.

5.      Adequate Credentials

Does the company you’re considering have all the necessary licenses, training, and insurance? First, check whether the technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Then, ask about the training they receive. Finally, make sure the company is bonded and insured to prevent you from being held responsible for crewmember injuries or property damage that may occur during the restoration project.

6.      High-Quality Work

Above all else, you want the final results to meet or exceed your expectations. To ensure high-quality work, look for a restoration company that uses state-of-the-art storm cleanup tools to remove standing water, mitigate mold growth, eliminate odors, and disinfect surfaces.

Another way to tell a company provides high-quality services is to explore the warranty coverage. Workmanship guarantees offer assurance that the results will last. This gives you the confidence you need to begin the building restoration.

Contact BYLT for Commercial Storm Damage Repair in Maryland and Washington, DC

If a recent storm has left your commercial building a little worse for wear, turn to BYLT to set things right. We offer 24-hour availability, fast response times, and unparalleled customer service. Our team draws on over 100 years of combined experience, and we offer a five-year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind. We won’t deem the restoration complete until you are thrilled with the results. Call us at (410) 770-2900 or contact us online to request storm damage repair in Maryland and Washington, DC.