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BYLT is the Leading Institutional Restoration Company

When disaster strikes, a government building the community it serves needs peace of mind that it will be open and operational as soon as possible. BYLT is dedicated to helping government buildings throughout Washington, D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore, and Rockville, MD, mitigate damage through our Institutional restoration services. Our services are designed to restore your government facility to its pre-loss state quickly and effectively. Regardless of the type of disaster, our team has the skills and expertise needed to handle any situation. If you have any questions regarding our services or want to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Take Advantage of Our Storm Damage Services

From tornadoes to blizzards, our team has the resources and equipment to respond to your emergency and work on recovery quickly. BYLT understands that every minute can hurt a facility, and this is especially true for government facilities. We know the community relies on the services provided, and we have the proven processes, techniques, and latest technologies to handle restorations safely and efficiently. With our storm damage services, you’ll have access to a dedicated team 24/7. Our services include helping you work alongside your insurance carrier to ensure a smooth and quick start to restoration and repairs.

Prepare with Our Fire Damage Services

Even after the flames have been extinguished, further damage can result from soot and smoke residue. Having a plan and a trustworthy restoration specialist at your disposal is vital. The BYLT team is here whenever you need restoration assistance following a fire. Regardless of the extent of the damage, we’ll try to mitigate the affected area allowing you to remain open while we handle repairs. With our fire damage services, we follow a specific process that’s proven to be effective:


  • Removal – We’ll take note of any damaged items and remove them from the affected areas, especially if they aren’t salvageable.
  • Repair – Our team will review any salvageable items and begin the repair process.
  • Restoration – This is the most involved step in our process. Depending on the extent and severity of the damage, our team can handle full reconstruction, smoke damage restoration, and odor mitigation.

Our Water and Mold Damage Services Can Help You Bounce Back

Water is one of the more common causes of damage in Institutional buildings. Damage can come from everything from leaking roofs, storm damage, plumbing problems, sprinkler failures, or even because of fire suppression efforts. To mitigate as much damage as possible, call our team as soon as you notice an issue. We’re experts in water damage restoration and full reconstruction. One of the reasons water should be handled quickly is that it can cause mold infestations to spread throughout your facility. The mold damage services we offer are designed to identify, mitigate, and eliminate any and all mold from your facility, protecting the health of your employees and customers while protecting vital documents. Here are some signs that you may have a mold infestation in your government building:


  • Water damage or pipe leaks
  • Condensation and humidity
  • Rusty pipes
  • Warped drywall
  • Musty smells

Schedule the Premier Commercial Restoration Company Today

Whether you’re taking advantage of our building consulting services or need our assistance recovering from a disaster, BYLT always complies with all federal and State regulations. Our team also understands the sensitive nature of the information held within the properties we restore. Each technician is educated and trained in the appropriate ways to restore documents while maintaining privacy and security.  If you have any questions regarding our commercial restoration services or need our assistance 24/7, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our knowledgeable representatives is standing by to help.

Learn More About Fire Damage Restoration

Whether you need major fire damage restoration or repairs in just a few rooms, BYLT has you covered. Our compassionate technicians understand time is of the essence, so we'll make plans to be at your property as soon as possible. Once an inspection is complete, we'll get started reverting your commercial facility back to its pre-fire state. We know you want to get back to normal quickly, and our team will use its years of restoration experience to streamline the process. Contact BYLT to learn more about fire damage restoration and how to request an inspection.