Water & Mold Restoration Services In Maryland & D.C.

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We also have our IICRC certification.

Water Damage

Some signs of water damage in a property are obvious like after a natural disaster hits. These signs include things like peeling wallpaper and bubbling paint. Other times, it takes a true expert with the right equipment to detect the signs of water damage. With BYLT’s expertise, we are the company you need.

Mold Damage

Mold is dangerous and often comes after water damage takes place. It’s not always easy to detect. The specialists at BYLT are ready to find mold damage and restore your commercial or residential property. Don’t wait to call us and get started!


Whether it’s your home, a municipal building, or apartments, BYLT is always ready. Our main goal is to give you satisfactory results. If your property was struck by a disaster and you have mold and water damage, call today.

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